• No More Bites!

    Thanks to Moskitrap – A LED Bionic Anti-Mosquito Device

    MoskiTrap is a portable UV bionic light that is completely safe for humans and pets. MoskiTrap is a pleasant lamp with outstanding design that does not leave a live mosquito at your home and garden!

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Start Enjoying The Garden Parties With No Live Mosquitos Around!

MoskiTrap consists of a powerful fan and ultraviolet light. The light wave has a bionic principle of action – it is the mosquitos’ favourite 365 nm wave and they are lured to approach the device. Once they come nearby, they are sucked by the fan and trapped into the container box.





Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Effectively!

MoskiTrap is a revolutionary portable anti-mosquito device for your home, garden and tent. Watch this video and discover how this new harmless LED bionic technology works!

Benefits Of MoskiTrap

Safe & Chemical Free

Harmless for your health


Uses 365 nm light wave


Plugged in USB

No Maintenance

You just empty the container


Low energy consumption

5w USB Power


Silent and powerful, very easy to use


Take it everywhere, indoor & outdoor

Outstanding Design

Can be used as a night lamp & stylish accessory

Stop Getting Nervous From Mosquito Bites!


No matter you have problem with mosquitoes, flies or moths, disturbing your family, the most effective sulution exists now.

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    Mosquitoes are attracted by
    the UV Bionic Light

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    Mosquitoes are sucked
    into a container

  • usage-image

    Non-toxic air drying
    process takes place

Remember to empty the container at least 3 hours after switch off!

No More Bites!

Have you ever felt at home as if being in a trap of mosquitoes? Have you felt as if getting insane after several mosquito bites? If yes, MoskiTrap is for you. Thousands of satisfied customers have recently proved it to be the most effective mosquito killer device on the market today with lowest energy consumption.

  • 5/5
As a mother of two, I always care to have anti-mosquito lotions with me. It is a big struggle to make the smaller kid to apply them constantly – during the dinner, when at the seaside, when going out… A friend of mine recommended MoskiTrap – it is a win-win device that simply traps all mosquitoes around.

Marta Garcia


Verified Review

How To Make Your your House, Office and Garden Free of Mosquitoes All Day Long?

MoskiTrap is the most effective and chemical-free solution that can bring you back to life and create comfortable environment at your home and garden! The effect is achieved thanks to the emitted bionic waves that attract mosquitoes and they simply disappear once the device is plugged into every USB port.

What's better, you can even use it outdoor to enjoy peaceful moments spent with your family, kids and friends!

  • 5/5
My family and I love to go camping, but mosquitos always make it less than pleasurable. With MoskiTrap forget about the sticky repellents and greasy creams. I love that it is harmless for my kids and family, waterproof and it doesn’t leave a strange odor. It really makes a difference!

Sara Johnson

IT Specialist

Verified Review

Questions And Answers

  • How Big is

    174 × 170 × 170mm

  • How much energy does MoskiTrap Use?

    5 WATTS / USB powered

  • How do I clean the container box?

    Clean the container 3 hours after switch off

  • What is the principle of action?

    UV light attracts mosquitoes